Powder equipment

덴마크 Sanovo社는 Dryer 및 Egg 관련 설비의 세계적인 명성을 얻고 있는 회사입니다.

Sanovo Gentle-Air Spray Dryer Evertything in a box
  • Drying Chamber

    Designed for minimum hear loss, andwich construction made of stainless steel.

  • Atomization

    High pressure nozzle atomization which can be customized, depending on product.

  • Powder Conveying

    Intergraded bag filter in the drying chamber makes conveying ducts redundant.

  • Bag Filter

    Made of anti-static treaded polyester, Cage made of stainless steel. Easy change and cleaning

  • Air Heating System

    Steam, gas direct or indirect, oil, thermal oil, biofuel

  • Air System

    Any filter intake efficiency requested, optional anti-frost protection, variable speed drive on fans for controlling optimal air flow.

  • SCADA System

    Monitor, control and record all functions and operations of the dryer

  • Safety

    ATEX certified, indoor explosion venting Q-boxes for dust explosions, rupture sensors

Typical Spray Dryer Flow Diagram
Egg processing plant & machine
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